LONDON (20-21/2/2016)

London is one of my all time favourite cities to visit. The atmosphere is amazing and all the different cultures you get to see. I only went for a weekend this time because I have school, but I think I did everything I had planned to do!

When we first arrived on Friday evening, we went straight to our hotel, we had almost spent 4 hours on a hot stuffy train!

I made sure we were up early so that I could shop for ages! We walked past all of the designer shops and thought about going in just to see what is was like but the security guards didn’t look too pleased! I have been to London a lot but I had never been in Selfridges. It was incredible!

WP_20150801_11_21_32_Pro (2).jpg

As I walked in it was the Rolex section. I was amazed at how big the whole store was and just stood there, doing nothing. Escalator after escalator it just kept going. I got off at the only floor where I could actually afford something. The stationary. I bought a pencil case.

But I was glad to see that they had a Starbucks on this floor. So we waited in this queue for about 15 minutes, and as soon as we sat down I put my cup down to try and take a nice picture and my gran comes along and dumps her ugly ass cup in my picture. What. But she did pay so I can’t really be mad.

WP_20150801_11_44_44_Pro (2)

After this, my gran and Uncle had arranged to go to St. Pauls Cathedral and see the incredible view. So I could definitely no longer be mad. I have been in two tall buildings like this before. The Eiffel Tower an the Rockefeller Centre but neither buildings were this beautiful. After climbing about a billion stairs we made it too the top. Wow is all I can say.


When you are up that high, you don’t smell the cars or smoke, you don’t see all the dirt on floor, so it was sort of a shame to be back down on the ground. But we did get some more shopping done! I think we went to London at just the right time because all the shops had massive sales! We stopped off a Pret to eat something and sit down, but I made sure we were quickly up on our feet again! But I couldn’t take it much longer either. It was so hot. So we stopped shopping and went to a park and sat down to rest!

That’s not all of it! My gran had the rest 🙂

After this we went back to our hotel and got the best night sleep I think I had ever had!


The second day was under time pressure because we had to get the train at 4 back home. We went to Camden Market. I had never been before and it was magical! The street food was insane!

I had a chocolate fountain selection, paella, curry and I even saw someone selling fresh coconut water straight from the coconuts!


We walked past this amazing shop and I couldn’t not take a photo!

When we were outside, frying in sun we saw this ice cream place which made the ice cream with liquid nitrogen as you watched! We had the salted caramel, it tasted so good!WP_20150802_13_57_20_Pro (2).jpg

After we had eaten we got in a taxi to another park, but I did not take any photos. You know why? I was literally so close to being fried. I didn’t want to move my arms too much as I could smell my self. That is never good.

This trip was so much fun and I can’t wait to go again!

XOXO Chloe

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