Age Is Just An Attitude…

I think every person as a teenager gets told that they have an attitude, I know I certainly do. Sometimes we don’t even realise and its not something that is always easy to change either. That’s why I love the words ‘age is just an attitude’.

I think as time goes on and as we grow older (and some of us wiser!) our attitude towards people grows with us. But it’s not just our attitude towards people, it’s our general attitude.

As a teenager we always think negatively about our parents and the way they treat us. That’s how I feel a lot of the time, but we never give them credit for the things they actually do for us. They provide us with food, water, clean clothes and a roof over our head and not to mention, a family. I know that every family is different. I have friends who never argue with their parents, but I’m the complete opposite. I pick up every single flaw I can find regardless of what is it. The worst part is that I only realise how much disruption and upset I have caused after its been done.

I’m a risk taker, I’m the kind of person that wants to do all these amazing things and take every opportunity I get. Up until now I would have sat on my bed watching Netflix, ignoring everything I could be doing and wasting my life. But now I have an excuse. I have a blog.

With my school I have been given this amazing opportunity to travel to Cambodia and take part in many community projects in order to improve the lives of children and families. The trip costs £4000 which I have to fund raise.

This is a place where I will blog my fundraising events but also everything else I love! my whole life I have always loved fashion and books. I also have a huge passion for baking and love photography. So I guess this is lifestyle blog on which I will share the highlights of my journey into the future.

XOXO Chloé


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